Thursday, 28 July 2016

How public private partnership develop L Zone in a better way?

L zone, one of the mega projects to be developed around Dwarka is a major reformatory step taken by the government on the path to move towards a sustainable smart city around Delhi. To revive the urban development scenario in Delhi and surrounding areas under Master Plan 2021, government has plans to develop a city that would have all the world class amenities and facilities, however, for the government to meet out the financial challenge in developing the L Zone smart city had to divert its planning towards public private plan in Dwarka.     

L Zone property due to planning as well as monetary obligations had to divert its planning of smart city towards the public private partnership. Under the PPP Model Delhi, a government service or private business venture is funded as well as operated through partnership of government and one or more private sector companies.

L Zone Delhi

Under PPP, there exists a contract between a public sector authority and a private party, where a private party offer a public service and participate into the substantial financial, technical and operational risk of the project. In certain types of PPP, the cost of using the service is endured by the users of the service and not by the taxpayer.

There are generally two major drivers for PPPs. First of all, PPPs are claimed in order to allow public sector to optimize and use expertise of the private sector in accomplishing a project. 

Secondly, the PPP is structured in a manner so that the public sector body looking after to make a capital investment don’t need to make any investment. Rather, the PPP borrowing is done by a private sector company carrying out the project in an effective manner.

Moreover on the PPP projects, the public sector compensate the private sector through availability payments once the facility is established or renewed. It is win-win situation for the both of the sectors.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

E-Services Features of a Smart City

E-Services offered to the citizens in an environment of a smart city under MPD 2021 plan in L Zone and other sectors as envisaged by DDA and Urban Development Agency to reduce the ample pressure of population and urbanization is a great initiative to boost the urban development in Delhi NCR.

With E Services, even the traffic on the roads will also be reduced and will be kept under control as people will avoid commuting when enjoying  the e-services from the comfort of their home.    

Monday, 4 April 2016

L Zone Dwarka, Attracted Massive Investment from America

L Zone Dwarka, an emerging real estate destination of India under master plan 2021 has gone beyond Indian shores in terms of fame and popularity. Rapidly rising as favorite real estate destination for investment in India, L Zone Dwarka now has many venture capitalists from America even willing to invest in property in L Zone. 

L Zone Smart City Projects Delhi

Majorly interested in commercial properties in the region, the real estate developers in L Zone for smart city are even getting investment offer from developers from US to form partnerships.       


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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Government Says That Delhi Master is Plan Based on Strategic Planning

The Delhi Government’s Master Plan 2021 will provide better living conditions and housing to the citizens. Luxurious type living conditions and increased productivity is the main goal of the Master Plan as the city currently needs an infrastructural development very importantly.

L-zone projects in Dwarka sub-city is the largest zone under the Master Plan and l-zone projects will incorporate all modern applications and technologies in its development.

DDA’s Supervision:

DDA will supervise the plan throughout the course to ensure orderly development of the Smart City. Strategic recommendations and alterations might be implemented if necessary.

Innovative Construction Methods:

Public private partnership policy of the Master Plan has involved the private sector real estate companies to fulfill the construction part of the project. Their real estate expertise and innovative ideas will be used in construction of these housing flats so that the citizens do not have to compromise even one percent for their sustainable development.

Identification of Needs:

Government has lead out case studies on the present structure of the city and has done surveys to fully understand what the citizens aspire for and what are the needs for city’s sustainable development. Every principal aspect of lifestyle development has been considered and the new structure evolvement is completely based on the identified needs.

Properties in L zone are being designed by social, economic and physical planning. Strict Law and administration patterns are being integrated in the planning process for citizen’s betterment. L-zone Delhi projects will be styled exquisitely by the private developers and their touch will definitely add leisurely essence the DDA project.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

India’s Tallest 100 Floor Real Estate Tower to Be Built at L Zone, Dwarka

Against, all tall claims made by different developers from around different parts of the country, the tallest real estate tower seems to be coming at L Zone, Dwarka, one of the five sub cities  to be developed around Delhi. 100 floors tower close to sector 23 at L Zone according to be a real estate developer would have first 10 floors to be for commercial uses and rest 90 floors would be set for residential purposes.

The tower, a part of L zone master plan to be constructed under the guidelines of Master Plan 2021 is entirely set on the basis of ICT (Information Communication Technology).

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